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An Introduction to Karsten UK

The Karsten group has two facilities in the United Kingdom, Karsten UK in Spalding, Lincolnshire and Karsten Prepared in Newport, Shropshire. Karsten UK is The Karsten Group’s dedicated service provider in the United Kingdom. Its main focus is to coordinate a seamless logistical operation to transport the fruit from harvest location to customer.

Karsten UK is located at Enterprise Way, Spalding, Lincolnshire, and is responsible for receiving, storing and distributing the product according to marketing requirements. The facilities also offer re-packing services.

Karsten UK undertakes all aspects of product management, including stock control, quality assurance, managing daily orders and the logistics functions required. Karsten UK delivers fruit directly from the point of arrival to the depots of customers, or by utilizing the Spalding facilities as a consolidation point for different category deliveries.

Karsten Prepared operates from a state-of-the-art prepared fruit facility in the Shropshire countryside, offering multiple solutions for prepared fruit snacking and ‘food to go’ options for convenience shoppers.

Utilising both automated and hand-cutting techniques, Karsten Prepared slice fresh fruit to exacting specifications with the ability to produce snack pack trays, pots and platters on dedicated lines using fully automated labelling systems.

As part of Karsten Prepared’s continued push towards a more sustainable future, they offer a Prevented Ocean Plastic™ (POP) line for a preventative and fully recyclable solution for prepared fruit punnets.

Our History


Karsten UK is The Karsten Group’s dedicated service provider in the United Kingdom. Its main focus is to coordinate a seamless logistical operation to transport the fruit from where it is harvested in South Africa to their customer base throughout the UK. Since February 2015 Karsten UK has also been operating from a second site in the United Kingdom, located at Turners (Soham) near Newmarket.


Vision & Philosophy


The Karsten Group strives to further optimize productivity in order to increase profits and to develop products and markets that will enable us to create jobs and employ more people during the year.
The Group is committed to building volume growth, increase value for all stakeholders, and using successes to the benefit of all.

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Guangzhou, CN

“The Vision. The People. The Products.”

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