Prepared Fruit

Karsten Prepared operates from a state-of-the-art prepared fruit facility in the Shropshire countryside, offering multiple solutions for prepared fruit snacking and ‘food to go’ options for convenience shoppers.


Utilising both automated and hand-cutting techniques, Karsten Prepared slice fresh fruit to exacting specifications with the ability to produce snack pack trays, pots and platters on dedicated lines using fully automated labelling systems.

The site’s fine tuned helical water flow systems, bespoke sanitising tunnels and custom conveyor lines enable smart and efficient processing at Karsten Prepared.

The Karsten Prepared product portfolio boasts a plethora of pots, punnets and trays that can be produced as white label where applicable or in the signature Karsten brand.

Unique as a food-to-go option, Karsten Prepared also produce a co branded Babybel Light Cheese, Apple & Grapes snack pack, that is ready for immediate display thanks to its attractive shelf-ready packaging (SRP).

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As part of Karsten Prepared’s continued push towards a more sustainable future, they also offer a Prevented Ocean Plastic™ (POP) line for a preventative and fully recyclable solution for prepared fruit punnets. The POP punnets are independently certified and have a fully traceable supply chain from ‘shore to store’ via Oceancycle.

Karsten Prepared generate around 25-30 tonnes of fresh fruit waste from the Prepared fruit facility each week, which is collected by a local farming operation to be converted into power via biomass digesters.

The fruit that doesn’t pass strict quality tests, alongside the rind, skins, stems and tops are transformed into energy for around local 2,000 local homes!

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